Removable Power Bank

The Power Bank supplies power to both the suitcase and your electronic devices such as your laptop, tablet and smart phone. It will keep your devices powered even when you are on the go. The power bank complies with airline regulations and is easily removable; making airport security checks a breeze.

Battery Cells

We use Panasonic battery cells within the power bank which is both reliable and safe. The whole power pack comes under the 100Wh limit of airline policies.

  • High Capacity
    26800mAh power bank can charge a typical cell phone close to 10 times.
    COWAROBOT power bank capacity
    Average power bank capacity
  • Quick Charger
    It charges much faster than traditional power banks with its proprietary quick charger.
    typical cell phone charging time with COWAROBOT power bank
    typical cell phone charging time with standard charger

Smarter and Safer

The remarkable power management system has gone through multiple security tests, it can be used safely.

Circuit Protection
Voltage Detection
Overcharge Detection
Balance Function
Current Protection
Broken Conductor Protection
Wire-Break Protection
Temperature Detection